•   Don't be creepy.

    • I knew a guy who fell head over heels in love with a woman, worked up the courage to ask her out and... she said yes! She was interested!

      He makes big plans.
      Dinner, a walk through the park, really romantic.

      The big day comes, he takes her out. It’s going well, and halfway through dinner, he brings up... marriage.

      *record scratch*

      Creepy right?

      Yet, this is the same thing that a lot of business owners do.

      They get someone to pay attention to them, (with advertising, videos, social media…)

      Send them over to their website for the "first date…"

      …and the first thing they do is ask for the sale.

      Making a high-priced offer to a cold prospect is the business equivalent introducing yourself to that attractive person you spot in a bar…

      ...and immediately asking them to get married.

      That’s f*cked!
    • Why do most marketers and companies act like this?

      It's because they're afraid of losing the most important thing.

      Any idea what I'm talking about...?

      You're thinking it's money… right? No.

      I'll tell you on the next page... but first...
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